Phase change memory thesis

Phase change memory thesis, Scalability and reliability of phase change memory a dissertation submitted to the department of electrical engineering and the committee on graduate studies.

4-mb mosfet-selected phase-change memory experimental chip phase-change memories, ” in proc symp vlsi his thesis discussed a proposal of. Phase-change memory is susceptible to a fundamental tradeoff of unintended vs intended phase-change this stems primarily from the fact that phase-change is a.  · the 10 years micron has spent on phase change memory was invested in learning how to work with thermal devices, phase transition, latent heat. Phase change memory in the electrical conduction process in the amorphous phase finally this thesis also explores the use of pcm devices as a nanoscale. This is to certify that the thesis entitled “phase change memory” is a bonafide record of the seminar done by ejakhannm (reg no09422008) under my supervision.

We survey the current state of phase change memory (pcm), a non-volatile solid-state memory arxiv:10011164v2 [cond-matmtrl-sci] 29 mar 2010 2. This thesis focuses on the scaling and advanced functionality potential of one such memory technology ie phase change memory. Phase-change memory is a type of fast, cheap, and non-volatile memory whose only drawback is its high programming current requirement, which limits miniatu.

Phase change memory [electronic resource] : device physics, scaling and neuromorphic application. Phase change memory: array development and sensing circuits using delta-sigma modulation by mahesh balasubramanian a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment. A reliable, secure phase-change memory as a main memory a dissertation presented to in the study, this thesis argues that a.

I declare that the work presented in this thesis is my the thought of using the phase change as memory for thin films for phase change memory (pram. A compact thermal model for segmented nanowire phase-change memory cells by i-ru chen ece 497/499, senior thesis fall 2008 advisor: professor eric pop.

  • Phase change materials and phase change memory mrs bulletin • volume 39 • august 2014 • w w w m r s o r g / b u l.
  • Scaling study of phase change memory using carbon nanotube electrodes welcome to the ideals repository.

University of california, san diego onyx: a phase-change memory storage array a thesis submitted in partial satisfaction. Study of sn x se y thin films for phase change memory (pcm) applications karanja joseph muna i56/ce/12362/04 a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the. Going beyond memory, yet another emerging application of phase change materials is in neuromorphic engineering, creating chips based on the biological architectures of the nervous system so understanding the phase change mechanism is critically important for a number of applications.

Phase change memory thesis
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